Letting your irrigation system run when it is in need of repair can be costly, not just for your utilities but also the health of your yard and home. The most challenging part of addressing an irrigation leak is first establishing that there is in fact a leak and then determining exactly where that leak occurred. If you suspect you may have a leak in your irrigation system, we encourage you to keep an eye out for the following signs, before you get the pricey water bill!

Proper Water Flow From Nozzles and Sprinklers

Being observant is probably the most important factor when it comes to identifying irrigation leaks. If your system is on a timer make sure you’re familiar with the pressure of your various nozzles and sprinkler heads. This ensures you can identify a change in pressure should one occur. Also make sure you check your sprinkler heads on occasion to make sure nothing has driven over them, tried to dig them out or otherwise damaged the nozzle. When you have the water going, it should flow smoothly out of each of the heads without any unusual noise. Hearing abnormal sounds, finding lower pressure in any of the sprinklers or discovering a damaged sprinkler head are signs that repairs are in order.

Abnormal Grass Patches – Brown Grass or Longer Grass

There may be sections of your lawn that have seen better days. What once was green and lush is now dry, scratchy and full of dead sections of grass. Or maybe you have one particular patch of grass that grows much more rapidly than the surrounding grass. Both of these issues could be resulting from too much or too little water due to a pressure issue in your system or damage to the buried tubing. Check the heads in the areas of your yard where you are finding brown grass to see if one of the heads may be the issue. These patches, combined with unusually high water bills, are likely signs of an issue.

Soggy Grass Patches

Certain areas of your grass may be wetter than others, but this doesn’t necessarily always mean your irrigation system is to blame. You will want to see if that section may be deeper than other sections of your yard, giving water a place to pool up, or if storms also cause that area to be particularly soaked. Either of these problems can be due to drainage issues, opposed to irrigation problems. If you don’t find evidence of drainage problems, you may have a break in the buried line in that area, which can be easily patched or replaced by a professional irrigation repair or installation company.

Baton Rouge Irrigation System Repair and Installation Experts

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