It may not seem like having some extra water on your property is a big deal at first, but wet spots in your yard can actually become a huge problem. Grass will die if it’s underwater too long, and you can’t mow a wet lawn. Water creates mud, which is a pain to clean up when tracked into the house, and wet spots in your yard can eventually cause your basement to leak.

Diagnosing the Drainage Problem

The first step in any draining or puddling issue is to diagnose the problem. The experienced, professional landscapers at River City Landscaping will provide a FREE consultation and estimate for a wide variety of full landscaping solutions in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. This includes drainage system installation for your home and drainage problem solving. River City Landscaping can help you with maintenance, repair, restoration, modification, retrofitting and restoration for your existing drainage systems as well.

Drawing a Draining Plan

If you don’t have a draining system in place for your land, you can start by making a sketch of your entire property, including your house, patios, driveway and street. Use a level to determine high and low spots and then draw arrows to show how the water flows. Figure out how you can drain excess water from a low spot to another location and then implement the ideal drainage solution for your unique needs.

Yard Drainage Solutions

The good news about your drainage issues is that there are plenty of drainage solutions to get pumped about. Some of the easier solutions include constructing a dry creek bed or building a rain garden. A dry creek bed can channel water away from a low spot into a dry well or a rain garden and can be an attractive addition to your property. Start by making a shallow drainage ditch and then line it with stones or gravel. You can even dress it up with interesting items such as boulders, plants or a bridge.

A rain garden is an area of your yard containing water-loving plants designated to catch water. This looks a lot better than a muddy hole, and is also good for the environment. Choose native plants with deep, fibrous roots as well as plants that are ideal for your soil conditions. This process will reduce runoff and add a nice look to your yard.

More Yard Drainage Solutions

There are an array of other drainage solutions that River City Landscaping can help you with, including:

  • Bog Areas
  • Curtain Drains
  • Dry Well Systems
  • French Drains
  • Grassy Swales
  • Sump Pumps

Let’s Get Pumped Up with Customized Drainage Solutions in Baton Rouge 

River City Landscaping can design a customized plan to provide the drainage solutions your property needs, whether that be surface, subsurface, slope drainage or downspout and gutter systems. We have been providing professional landscaping services in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas for the past 20 years, and know how to make local yards drain properly. Schedule your FREE consultation and estimate today and get pumped about your drainage solutions!