In addition to Christmas, Halloween is one of the only holidays where you can really go all out and let your creative side shine, so why not go all out and decorate your home to give it a fittingly haunted look for this fun and frightening season? Halloween provides you a reason to decorate as little or as much as you want, with some fine folks even going so far as to turn their home into a virtual haunted house.


With that being said, you may have trouble getting visitors to actually enter your abode, but they won’t be able to ignore your front porch or yard while walking or driving by. Consider these ideas for turning your front yard or porch into a haunted area or come up with your own fun creative decorations!

Lawn Ghosts –There are multiple ways you can make ghosts appear in your yard. The first is using cheesecloth hung from a tree in the shape of a ghost. Another very spooky way to decorate with apparitions involves using chicken wire to create a more substantive, luminescent looking ghost. Front porch with pumpkins and ghosts in Baton Rouge LA

Fire Baskets – You can enhance the spooky look of your home with fake fire baskets using silk “flames,” LED lights and fans, which can be situated anywhere in front of your home.

Flies on the Front Door – You can attach fake plastic flies or other fake insects to your front door near the handle or doorbell to give your guests a spooky surprise.

Dem BoSpooky door for Halloween | River City Landscapingnes – A fake skeleton can be set up in a rocking chair to watch over your yard and creep out your neighbors.

Mummy Front Door – Wrap a roll of toilet paper around your front door to give it a mummified appearance. Then just put up a couple felt eyes and you will be good to go. This is a good project for your kids as well.

Cobwebs – Spider webs are a simple yet effective way to give your porch a spooky look. A variety of materials can be used to make convincing fake spider webs, including any extra cheesecloth you have left over from making your ghosts.

What Do You Want on Your Tombstone? – No, we are not talking about frozen pizza, but imitation tombstones lined up in your yard can certainly give it a gruesome appearance. Many materials such as foam or cardboard can be used and you can customize the inscriptions as well.

Fake tombstone for yard | River City Landscaping

How far you take these projects depends in part on how kid-friendly you want your display to be or if you really want to scare the pants off everyone who comes near your home. One thing that’s for sure is that if your actual lawn is too “scary,” meaning it throws off a very unwelcoming vibe due to weeds or uneven, splotchy grass that has not been cut in months, no one is even going to want to come near your dazzling display.

The front yard experts at River City Landscaping can work wonders getting your lawn back in pristine condition to make sure it’s ready for display on Halloween and then again for Christmas. We specialize in drainage systems, irrigation, sod, mulch and much more. For more decorating tips and to get your lawn in spooky shape, contact us today.