Water and moisture can wreak havoc on the foundation of your home. In humid areas, especially during the cold and rainy seasons, mold and mildew are a constant concern. The best way to protect your home is by keeping as much water away from it as possible, particularly in areas where rain can easily accumulate. Here are some of the best storm water solutions for common drainage areas around your home.

Driveway Drainage 

Water pooling on your driveway is not just inconvenient, but potentially dangerous. The water can decrease the effectiveness of your driveway by reducing friction, while also seeping into your garage and potentially flooding your home.

The easiest solution is to own a home with a driveway that slopes away from your garage, towards the curb and street. This will direct any moisture away from your foundation. However, your driveway may be flat or even slightly sloped towards the garage itself. In these situations, a channel drain should be installed to prevent storm water from draining into the garage. A channel drain stretches the length of the driveway and is connected to an underground drainage pipe, directing the water away from your home to a safer location.

Downspout Drain Lines

Rain gutters along your roof are important for collecting water from around the perimeter and directing it away from your home to a downspout. However, if your downspout is not properly positioned, the water may still end up soaking into your foundation.Home downspout | River City Landscaping

At ground level, it’s best for your downspout to be directed at least five feet away from your home. It should also flow out onto a hard surface, whether that be a driveway or concrete splashguard, to spread the rainwater and stop it from forming a puddle. Downspouts should also be large enough to handle the flow of water from a heavy rainfall; the minimum size is 2×3 inches, but larger options are available. The wider the spout, the less risk of something backing it up and causing an overflow.

Some waterspouts are also designed to fit additional plastic diverters or hinge attachments to keep the spout out of your way when mowing the lawn or doing other landscape work. Invest in whatever works best for you and your home.

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