To keep your home’s foundation dry and your interior mold-free, your landscaping should direct all water away from the house. This is especially true of driveways, which can cause leakage into your garage if not properly drained. While the easiest solution is to slope your driveway away from your home, this isn’t always possible. Here are a few drainage solutions to keep things dry and stable for years to come.

Channel/Trench Drains

For driveways that are sloped toward their respective home or garage, one of the most effective solutions is the installation of a channel drain. Also commonly referred to as French or trench drains, channel drains run the entire width of the driveway and are placed just before where the driveway meets the garage. They are covered by a metal grate to prevent leaves and other debris from clogging the trench. These grates can be customized with unique design elements that improve their aesthetic appeal.

If your street and home are at similar elevations, you can also install a driveway that slopes down to a point in the middle. A grate-like drain can then be placed in the center to lead water away from both your home and the street.

Permeable Pavement

While most people pave their driveways with asphalt or cement for cosmetic reasons, other options are available that offer significant drainage benefits. Some varieties include:

  • Brick is naturally porous, allowing water to travel through it. The gaps and spaces in between each brick can also help direct flowing water to more open spaces.
  • Gravel is one of the least expensive options and allows water to pass between the small pieces of stone, into the ground.
  • Stone slabs can be placed on top of gravel for a more visually appealing look.

Landscaping Swales

If the land on either side of the driveway slopes down toward the driveway, swales can be a potential solution to your problem. Swales are small trenches in the ground that are wider than they are deep; during rainstorms or other wet situations, the water can accumulate in the swale and is reabsorbed into the ground without ever touching your driveway. Most swales can be designed to look like serene riverbeds that enhance your overall landscape instead of becoming an eyesore.

Landscaping Solutions in Baton Rouge

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