Saves You Time and Money

Automatic irrigation systems take all the work out of watering your lawn or garden. Instead of doing the watering by hand, you can set timers that ensure your system stays on a strict watering schedule. This allows you to ensure your plants are healthy no matter the season or weather. You can even leave home on vacation knowing your lawn will be perfectly maintained while you’re gone and healthy once you return.

In addition to saving time, an automatic system can help save you a significant amount of money on your monthly water bill. An irrigation system is more efficient than simply letting a hose run onto the grass and surrounding plant-life. The same timing and programming that allows you to water your plants each day also prevents over-watering. Water sensors ensure every drop is only used when needed, preventing any wasted water. You can also set your system to water in the early morning or evening to minimize water loss due to evaporation.

Improves Home Appearance and Value

Your front lawn is the first part of your home that visitors and passersby see, and can leave a powerful impression. An automatic irrigation system ensures your lawn maintains its lush and green appearance year round. As an added bonus, it’s also a cost-effective way to raise the overall value of your home and property. One system could both save and earn you money.

Conserves Water and Protects Lawn

Specialized drip irrigation systems are designed to direct water where it’s needed most. Not only will you save time and money by watering your plants only when needed, but some systems have the ability to water only your plants. As a result, surrounding weeds in the soil are not able to grow into yet another landscaping chore.

Controlling water distribution with an irrigation system leads to a healthier garden and lawn. Watering with something as imprecise as a hose can allow an excessive amount of water to seep into the soil. Overwatering can lead to a number of unwanted problems such as:

  • Nutrient runoff
  • Compacted soil
  • Root disease
  • Plant suffocation

A controlled drip or sprinkler irrigation system disperses smaller droplets that help preserve nutrients and prevent soil compaction.

Irrigation and Landscaping in Louisiana

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