First impressions matter, whether you’re trying to appeal to employers in a job interview while wearing a snazzy outfit, or you’re trying to appeal to home buyers with a well-kept home. Outside appearances matter, as a negative first impression can affect a buyer’s mood, regardless of how stunning the home’s interior might appear. Even if the interior doesn’t check off every box on a potential buyer’s needs or wants list, a great looking exterior can persuade a buyer to overlook the shortcomings. Here are some great home landscaping tips to make a great first impression among buyers.

Landscaping Tips to Help Sell Your Home

  • Keep your grass green – Dead grass is one of the first things home buyers notice, and a dead patch can instantly form a negative opinion of your home in their minds. Before putting your home on the market make sure your yard is adequately watered. Be careful not to water your yard too much as it can also create dead patches.
  • Maintain plant beds – Healthy plant beds full of vibrant flowers can catch the eye of home buyers. Replace any dead annuals or perennials and trim the healthy ones. Keep plant beds healthy by applying fresh fertilizer and ensure they’re receiving enough water.
  • Power-wash dirty surfaces – Accumulated dirt on the surface of your home is unsightly, and needs to be cleaned off before potential buyers see it. Power washers are great tools to blast dirt off your home, its sidings and outer baseboards. For an initial wash, set your power washer to its lowest setting, as more powerful settings can strip the paint off your home. Avoid using power washers on areas where paint appears thin or is beginning to peel.
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint – If your home’s paint is thinning, appears patchy or is beginning to peel and flake, it’s time to apply a fresh coat. Choose paints from reputable brands who produce paint that is designed to weather the elements. When selecting a color palette, choose a color that’s unique, but still fits in with the overall style of your neighborhood. A color that’s too unique or unconventional may dissuade potential buyers. You may need to check with your HOA on approved colors.
  • Trim overgrown shrubs and trees – It’s best to prune overgrown trees and shrubs before buyers stop by to view your home. Cut excess or dead branches, especially if they hang over your home or the roof, as a violent storm can cause them to break off and damage your home. Make sure the cuts you make don’t damage the overall health of your trees, as trimming too much can hinder their overall growth. Try to keep your shrub pruning uniform – if you’re having difficulty, hire professional trimmers to do it for you to ensure cuts are exact and precise.

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