A brown patch on your lawn may seem innocuous enough, and you may write it off as a dry spot that needs water, but it can sometimes be something much more serious – brown patch lawn disease.

Brown Patch Lawn Disease Causes

Brown patch disease generally occurs during extended periods of humidity and heat where average night temperatures are approximately 68° F. Lack of air, compacted soil, excessive irrigation and poor drainage can also lead to a brown patch. A combination of these factors results in the growth of the fungus Rhizoctonia, which affects all cool season lawn grasses, but is especially dangerous to tall fescue and ryegrass. Some warm season grasses aren’t immune either, as St. Augustine grass and Zoysia grass are susceptible as well.

Brown patch has signature symptoms that differentiate it from dead or dehydrated grass. Brown patch appears in circular, brownish-yellowish patches about six inches to several feet in diameter. Affected leaves have tan colored lesions that are irregular in shape and framed by a dark brown border.

You can avoid brown patch disease with a careful lawn care regimen – avoid over watering the lawn, refrain from adding too much fertilizer and aerate and dethatch occasionally so air can reach and be dispersed throughout your lawn. Fungicides will also kill Rhizoctonia, but it’s best to allow professionals to apply the correct amount so you don’t accidentally damage your lawn.

Cure Brown Patch Disease with River City Landscaping

At River City Landscaping we stop brown patch disease in its tracks with our exceptional, award-winning landscaping design and installation services. Our professionals are experienced with brown patch disease and can examine and determine how much fungicide your lawn needs to eliminate your fungal issues.

They will also examine the rest of your yard to determine what may have caused brown patch and will administer the appropriate solutions to ensure your lawn is resilient against potential resurgences.

In addition to brown patch treatments, we also offer:

  • Landscape installation
  • Watering
  • Mulch changes
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Irrigation installation and maintenance
  • And much more

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