When decorating for Halloween, you want to go all out and have the spookiest haunt on the block. Here are some terrific tips for getting into the Halloween spirit and turning your lawn into the land of the dead.

Spooky Ideas for Your Yard

  • The planted dead – Create the illusion the living dead are taking over your garden by planting zombie props, like skeleton arms, in planters. Simply insert the arm with the hand reaching outward, and fill the planter to the brim with soil. Do you have an unused plant bed? Dig up the earth a bit, plant a zombie torso about two feet deep and cover it with soil. Toss some additional soil on top of the prop to add some extra detail.
  • Illuminate the terror – All your arduous work is for naught if people can’t see all your decorations! Luminaries of any design are key to showing off your lawn at night and adding the right mood of terror. Creating luminaries at home are easy as pie. Simply find some empty food jars, cover them with fabric or paint and fill them with LED lights. Jack-o’-lanterns are always in fashion, but don’t create stress by hand carving each one. Hand carve a few and buy others from a craft store. Many craft stores have synthetic pumpkins that look like the real thing with room for either a candle or an LED light to be inserted.
  • Foam headstones – Making headstones is easy with Styrofoam slabs; all you need is a simple saw and some granite spray paint to create an uncannily accurate replica. Cut your Styrofoam into a unique headstone shape and spray paint it. Next, cut and glue a board of plywood to your foam headstone and purchase wood letters from a craft store to make the perfect grim epitaph. Don’t worry about them falling over – it’ll just make your makeshift graveyard look more abandoned, a perfect look for the Halloween spirit.
  • Bring ghosts and ghouls to life with fishing line – Hang ghouls and skeletons with ease using fishing wire. To give your ghouls and skeletons some ominous movement, glue and fasten their arms and legs in certain positions, then use fishing wire to hang them from tree branches or off the awning of your home to create an imposing scene of action and fright.

Have Your Lawn Halloween Ready with River City Landscaping’s Services

Unless you’re going all out with wild shrubbery, dying grass and bushes for your haunted lawn, you may want to revitalize your yard before installing decorations. River City Landscaping has you covered with premier landscaping and maintenance services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Our professionals’ lawn expertise will have your grass looking vibrant and your trees trimmed to a healthy length. River City’s services include, but are not limited to:

  • Landscaping and drainage installation services
  • Mulch changes
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Sod delivery and installation
  • Landscape lighting
  • Seasonal color
  • And much more

After we work on your lawn, you’ll find it easier to hang decorations from pruned tree branches and to plant the living dead in freshly cut grass and tempered soil. Contact us to schedule an appointment!