When it comes time to revitalize your lawn, you’ll probably start by considering which flowers, vegetables or trees would best enhance your yard’s aesthetics. While greenery and plant life are vital to interesting yard design, it’s important to realize that too much green can feel just as flat and underwhelming as too little. In situations where your lawn could benefit from some variation in color, consider using rocks and stone to draw the eye and help the landscaping feel less like a jungle and more like an intentionally crafted paradise.


What good are all those lovely flower beds lining your yard if you can’t go out to look at them without tromping around in the grass? Most people try to avoid walking in the grass to keep their shoes clean and dry. Stone pathways are an excellent way to protect your shoes, and your home’s interior from tracked in grass and mud, while drawing attention to particular areas of your lawn. If you want your guests to enjoy some lovely flowers or your vegetable garden, for example, a path leading right to them can serve as a visual cue.

Stone paths are also perfect for filling space where there is too much or too little light for plants to grow. The type of stone you use can set the tone of your yard’s design. Large slate stepping stones in grass connote a whimsical atmosphere while a pebble path expresses simplicity and practicality.

Water Features

Incorporating running water into your yard is an elegant and classy design choice that provides relaxation and invites more plant growth and wildlife into your yard. Water features are customizable and can serve as luxurious centerpieces or small add-ons. Regardless of how you use them, one thing’s for sure: water features just don’t seem as natural or authentic without stones and rocks to enhance them.

You can spruce up the exterior of your water feature by lining it with statement stones. Stacking different types of rocks can also serve as a border around your water feature to prevent flooding or muddy banks, ensuring the rest of your lawn remains healthy. If you prefer a subtler look, let pebbles tumble within or around the water. Irregularly shaped rocks are especially interesting to look at and allow water to flow in unique ways that more closely resemble a natural stream or brook.


Those with green thumbs take comfort in knowing their yards are a blank canvas onto which they can project their creativity without judgment. It’s all about personal taste and self-expression. While some may prefer lush, tropical gardens, others may like to utilize plants sparingly, but most gardens can benefit from a few well-placed stones. Rocks can break up the color of the garden with earthy tones and catch viewers’ interest with their jagged, rough appearance, highlighting the attractive natural lines of the surrounding plants at the same time.

If plants don’t grow well in your lawn or your thumb is more brown than green, you may choose to install a rock garden instead. Arranging different varieties of stone and rock can be just as beautiful as a flower bed without all the extra hassle.

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