Home drainage systems are vital aspects of any home, filtering, directing and redirecting water, waste and other materials after light or heavy rainstorms. A faulty drainage system or a home that doesn’t have one is susceptible to damage from storm water runoff that is not properly drained, which can devastate your yard, plants, flower beds and even your home’s structure. Picking the right type of pipes for your drainage system can be difficult, but you can do so either by yourself or with the help of a trusted professional.

Choosing the Right Drainage System for Your Home

Choosing the right drainage system for your home requires analyzing how much runoff your home accumulates as several different sizes and types of pipes exist and handle runoff differently. The best way to start is to calculate the average rainfall your region or area has accumulated over the past decade or so. 1 You can find these charts online through your local municipal database. You can find runoff calculators online that calculate what size and type of pipe you need using rainfall rates for your region and something known as a coefficient of runoff (the type of surface off which water will run). In order to accurately calculate your home’s coefficient runoff of the slope of your drain pipe, meaning the angle at which runoff will run, is required. Calculating these aspects should let you know the size of pipe you need, depending on the pipe’s material, to capably handle and filter runoff.

Get the Right Drainage System for Your Home with River City Landscaping

Calculating runoff in order to pick the right type of pipe for your drainage system can be difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone. River City Landscaping is here to help you with industry professionals who can help calculate runoff measurements and pick the right type of pipe for your drainage system. River City’s experts have the knowledge to understand the nuances of pipes, runoff and drainage systems so you don’t have to worry about miscalculations or choosing the wrong type of pipes for your system. When it comes to our drainage solutions we treat each client with individual care and customized drainage plans designed specifically for their property. Our staff has proudly provided Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas with outstanding, qualified landscaping services for more than 20 years. River City believes in creating a unique plan for each and every client to address their specific needs. No matter what your project may be, our professional staff will take the time to understand your property and any specific concerns you may have before proceeding with any work.

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